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Why Submit Your Films to Hollywood North International Film Festival

Are you a filmmaker looking for a platform to showcase your talent and share your stories with a wider audience? Look no further than the Hollywood North International Film Festival. With its global reach and reputation, this festival offers a fantastic opportunity for filmmakers to gain recognition and exposure. One of the key reasons to …

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Morning After

“When a wild night ends rubbing shoulders with the LA mob, a directionless college grad has to get his friend out of danger, or it’ll be her blood on the streets next.” This is a proof of concept short film attached to a feature script. A Co-founder of Night One Productions, Elijah Chandler has developed …

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In this action thriller, clinically addicted assassin, Celyse, is blackmailed by her handlers to carry out more and more murders. However, as her guilt continues to strangle her, the latest contract threatens to erode the last remnants of Celyse’s conscience. Director – Daniil Vasilyev

Jeff Wang

Jeff Wang

Jeff Wang is a Vancouver based audio engineer and music producer who came to Canada to chase his dream 20 years ago. He started learning piano at the age of five.Under the influences of his mother who’s a music teacher and his audiophile father, Jeff showed his interest in music and sensitivity to sound at …

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Rachel drops a truth bomb on her Mom over a long-distance call. Mariah Owen is a retired world champion athlete turned award-winning actress, filmmaker, cartoonist and entrepreneur from Toronto. She founded her production company, GTE Productions, at the age of 21 and has been called “The Youngest EP in Hollywood” by numerous outlets. Most recently, …

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Devil Makes Three

When two punk bands are double booked to headline Halloween night, they must decide who will play before something else does. Logan Charron was born on February 23rd 1998 in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. He is a Director, Writer, and Editor with a strong passion for filmmaking. Logan finds his main inspirations throughout his broad …

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When Ethan starts having hallucinations, his girlfriend Gabi stays for the night only to realize they may have not been hallucinations. Ethan Wingrove has been filmmaking and acting since the age of 12 and has a creative understanding of how to tell a story through the language of film. He is an example of what …

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Power Balance

A university student with the ability to teleport must learn to make the, sometimes difficult, choice to put in the work, rather than taking the easy way out. Samuel Davis is a Canadian filmmaker and VFX Artist. He is passionate about Sci-Fi, Action, and Fantasy, and hopes to continue creating works within those genres.

Freedom Has It’s Costs

Guy Manson explores what absolute freedom means with a spirit. Director Biography – Trent Johnson Born in 1989 in British Columbia, Canada, Trent was raised just outside of Vancouver. Trent grew up in a musical family. Trent’s father is an established musician, Trent’s grandfather and uncle, both in hall of fame’s in multiple organizations in …

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