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Dean Redman

Dean Redman

Lead Judge and Master of Ceremonies


Dean Redman, born in Birmingham, England to Jamaican parents, is a highly acclaimed actor with a remarkable career boasting over 100 film, television, and voice acting credits.


His notable achievements include standout performances in major Hollywood blockbusters like Legendary/Blizzard Films’ “WARCRAFT” where he tackled not only one but two significant roles alongside Travis Fimmel, Dominic Cooper, and Paula Patton. He is equally recognized for his intense portrayal in 20th Century Fox’s Oscar-nominated epic, “WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES” in a supporting role alongside Woody Harrelson and Andy Serkis. Redman’s extensive background in martial arts, weapons, firearms, and stunts has well-prepared him for such demanding roles.


In the realm of television, Redman has left his mark on a multitude of series, including “STARGATE SG-1”, “The X-FILES”, “SMALLVILLE”, “BLACK LAGOON”, “SUPERMAN & LOIS”, “THE V.C. ANDREWS DAWN 4 PART SERIES”. He currently co stars in Season 5 of “VIRGIN RIVER”.


Redman is also celebrated for his distinctive, deep, smooth, and smokey voice, which he has lent to characters such as Marvel’s “Nick Fury” and in the Lego series “Ninjago” as “Unagami” among countless other animated series over the years. Currently, he’s in preproduction for several upcoming movies, series, and voice projects.


For more about Dean Redman’s extensive body of work, visit his IMDb page: Dean Redman IMDb.