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Hollywood North International Film Festival Announces Inaugural Year

Vancouver, BC – The Hollywood North International Film Festival has announced its inaugural year, which will take place from July 10-13. The festival, which aims to provide a platform for emerging filmmakers in Vancouver and around the world, will feature a diverse range of films across various genres, including short films, documentaries, and feature-length films.
“We’re so excited to be launching the Hollywood North International Film Festival and providing a space for emerging talent to showcase their work,” said festival director, Mostafa Keshvari. “We believe that film has the power to bring people together and promote understanding, and we’re committed to showcasing films that reflect diverse perspectives and voices.”
The festival has already received a high volume of submissions from filmmakers across Canada, the United States, and Europe. The festival’s selection committee, comprised of industry professionals and film enthusiasts, has carefully curated a selection of films that highlight originality, creativity, and powerful storytelling.
“We’ve been blown away by the quality of the films we’ve received,” said Leigah Keewatin, festival judge. “We believe that the films we’ve selected will engage and inspire our audiences and we can’t wait to share them.”
In addition to film screenings, the festival will also provide networking opportunities and resources for emerging filmmakers to connect with industry professionals and advance their careers.
“We want to provide a supportive environment for emerging filmmakers to connect, learn, and grow,” said Max Zahedi, Festival CEO. “We believe that the film industry thrives on collaboration and community, and we’re excited to contribute to that spirit with the Hollywood North International Film Festival.”
The festival’s top winning films will be produced and screened at the iconic RIO Theatre in Vancouver. For more information about the festival and to purchase tickets, please visit the festival’s website at www.hollywoodnorthfilmfestival.com.
“We can’t wait to welcome audiences to our inaugural year and showcase the incredible talent of emerging filmmakers,” said Mostafa Keshvari. “We’re confident that the Hollywood North International Film Festival will become a beloved event in the Vancouver film community.”