Hollywood NIFF

Rules & guidelines

Filmmaker's Festival Handbook

  • Completed films must be 40 minutes and under in length, including credits. Anything over 40:00 will not be shown.

  • Films must be submitted in high-resolution digital format. We would love a 2K ProRes 422 .MOV.  But any MOV, MP4, H.264 or AVI works for us. The higher resolution the better, but please keep max resolution of 2K (that’s the resolution we are projecting).

  • Films must be original and not previously produced before 2018.

  • Films can be in any genre or style, but must be in English or have English subtitles.

  • Each team must submit a liability form prior to filming for the competition.

  • Late submissions will not be considered for prizes. Deliveries will be done online.

  • Late entries will be reviewed and *may* be shown at the event but they are ineligible to win prizes.

  • You may not show the completed film publicly prior to the public screenings.